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The IPS Groups system is POWERFUL. It’s the best way to reward contributors. But, it’s missing some features.

For starters, allowing members to join certain Groups can provide you with additional data. It will also help members connect with like-minded individuals.

When you provide a mechanism for members to join public groups you empower them. You give them the choice to choose what's best for them. This is one way to retain members and increase engagement.

FEATURES in Members | Group Enhancements

NEW: Option to edit the Public Name of each group. 

The Public Name of a group is the name displayed on the frontend (to your users).

Let's say you may want to break up your Members group into newcomers and active

Normally, the community would notice two new groups when doing this but with GTMG they could still see 'Members' (Public Name for each group).

NEW: Option to set a group as Secondary Group Only. 

I have 20+ years experience in managing a forum. I can tell you from experience, adding new groups (and members to groups) can be a daunting task. The best thing to do is to CLEARLY separate your Primary from your Secondary groups. 

Use Primary Group as the base when it comes to options and permissions. 

Use Secondary Groups to add (options/permissions) to the base.  

NEW:  Option to display multiple group badges in Profiles and Posts. 


Group Badges will be a favorite in your community. The minute you put this up on your site your members will ask you “What are these badges?” and “How can I get one?”


NEW: Option to hotlink badges in Profiles and Posts. 

Link could go to a landing page explaining the group (selling its benefits, why it exists, etc) or you could link to the Directory or a Club. The goal is to inform your audience about each group.

For example, we have a badge linked to the store (for premium group), another to our "group badges" page, and another linked to a  page for recruiting influencers.

NEW: Option to create “Public Groups”. 

This option empowers members to join the group(s) they best fit in. Members can join Public Groups via Registration and Account Settings. 

It’s getting harder to get users to share personal information.

I use Public Groups as a way to get information that I can use for business purposes.

For example, if I ask members via Registration or Account Settings which military branch they belong to it will likely be ignored. But, if I create Public Groups for Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy they are more likely to take action. 



NEW: Option to create a directory of your favorite Groups. 

Directory can be a standalone feature or integrated within the Leaderboard page. 

I personally use this to attract influencers. It’s sorted by activity so the more active they are the more eyeballs on them. This increases participation in the group.



To help you with your Groups Management, we are providing you with the following additional features:

  1. Group Options (Permissions) Matrix - An efficient way to compare static values
  2. Sort Groups - Sort groups per personal choice.


✔️ It’s best to use small Group Badges when displaying multiple badges in posts.

✔️ Members will have questions regarding your Public Groups. The best thing to do is to create an information page and hotlink the badges to the page.

✔️ When you enable Directory, keep ‘Time Limit’ and ‘Page Limit’ low. On large sites, a high setting may cause the page to load slower.

✔️ Use the new groups to your advantage. Use Bulk Email to target specific groups. For example, you can onboard the New Member group.


Backend (ACP)

  1. New Group Settings
    • Public Name - Display different Group Name on the frontend.
    • Description - Add a group description to use for Group Directory.
    • Landing Page URL - Allows admin to hotlink Group Badge to a page. eg. directory or custom page
    • Set As Secondary Group - Restricts group as secondary group only.
    • Public Group? - Allow members to join group
    • Show in Directory - Control which groups can be found in Group Directory.
  2. Sort Groups Frontend/Backend - Sort groups per personal choice.
  3. Compare Group Options Matrix - A quick way to compare static values.


  1. Members can join 'Public Groups' during Registration
  2. Members can edit 'Public Groups' in Account Settings
  3. Group Badges (multiple) in Posts
  4. Group Badges (multiple) in Profile
  5. Group Directory
    • Can use as standalone feature
    • Can integrate with Leaderboard
    • Can choose default index group

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